• About Us

    Create Ornate is all about unlocking the creative potential in us all.

    We want you, your friends and your family to connect and create lasting memories of this Christmas season.

    Creative Freedom

    We decided to create a DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Kit that can restore that creative approach to the holidays. All the supplies are carefully designed to give you the most creative freedom without leaving you with leftover stuff you will never use again.

    Mass-Produced Sameness

    Look around the retail stores these days. Mass-produced ornaments may look beautiful but they lack that personal touch. You can get DIY kits that will take you step-by-step to a finished ornament, but they leave no room for creativity or individuality.

    Christmas Past

    Some of our best memories of Christmases past surround the fun we had creating the festive decorations. Strings of snowflakes and gingerbread figures cut from paper. Salt dough ornaments to hang from the tree. Trimming the tree with ornaments and tinsel (lots of tinsel).